C League History Prior to 1997

Ed McNevin launched the JPL softball A, B, and C leagues from the late 1960s to the late 1970s, with financial support from the now defunct JPL Employees Recreation Club (ERC). C League at its founding had the highest requirements on participation by female players, and it was the only non-competitive fun league, with no league standings kept. At the height of softball's popularity at JPL in the late 1980s or early 1990s, various offshoots of B and C leagues also sprung up, including B Minor, Coed, and D leagues. All of these spinoff leagues were more competitive than C League, and only Coed League had a higher female participation requirement. C League to this day has remained the only non-competitive fun league within the JPL Softball Program for nearly four decades.

Ed was the czar of all JPL softball leagues through 1986, at which time the program had expanded to include nearly 50 teams, and this was more than any one person could manage. Starting in 1987, Ed divested responsibility for C League to new league co-commissioners Sam Dolinar and Ray Morris. Four years later, the beginning of the 1991 season saw the official debut of the present-day JPL Softball Program, with formal Bylaws and Program Rules and a governing council of officers. Sam became treasurer of the program, and Ray remained as commissioner of C League. Within a few years, the C League commissioner's post was transferred to Charlie Kaczinski, who has continued in that position ever since.

Richard Chen launched C League's original website in 1997, and archival html records are available online for every season from 1997 onward. For the two decades of C League's history prior to 1997, archival records exist only on paper. Scanned pdfs of the early C League historical records will be posted on this website as they become available. Long-time veterans of C League are requested to contact Richard Chen or Sam Dolinar and submit copies or scans of any pre-1997 C League records that they possess.

C League records prior to 1997 divide into several distinct eras, but records are currently posted online for only one of these eras: