All listed rules and regulations can be revised or rescinded as the managers of the competing teams wish, so long as there is complete agreement between the parties. Specifically excluded are the sanctions against steel spikes and unnecessarily rough play. These CANNOT be waived. It is also hoped that rule #1 is not waived in any case.


     1. HAVE FUN !!!


     2. All rostered players appearing for a scheduled game must be assigned a spot in the batting order. No more than three (3) male players can bat in a row before a female must be inserted in the batting order. If a team cannot do this (i.e. there are fewer than 25% females in the order), than a "phantom" female must be added after every three male players. Each time a "phantom" female should come up to bat, the team will have to take an out.


     3. Defensive alignments must include a minimum of three (3) female players who are assigned to positions other than catcher.


     4. Teams unable to field the three required female players will be required to surrender one defensive position for each missing female up to a maximum of two positions.


     5. No walks or strike outs. The 12 foot height limit of pitches will be observed. It is the pitcher's responsibility to throw "hittable" balls, and it is the batter's responsibility to swing at reasonable pitches. It is both manager's responsibility to see that no pitcher or batter unduly delays the game.


     6. In all cases the general rules of slow pitch softball shall prevail, as amended by the JPL special rules, and ground rules should be determined by the respective team managers before the start of play. Umpires are assigned at the discretion of the respective team managers, and should include players familiar with general baseball and softball rules of play.


     7. No standings will be kept or reported and no trophies or awards given.


     8. No metal or spiked shoes are allowed on the field of play at any time, including team warm-up. After sufficient warning is given, continued violations shall result in the removal of the offending player from the game. Subsequent violations during the course of a game shall result in forfeiture by the offending team.


     9. Violent sliding or body contact, such as unnecessarily blocking access to a base, is severely discouraged. ALL violence is severely discouraged. Any form of intimidation, unnecessary abuse, profanity, or other vulgar behavior is severely discouraged. The sanctions as noted in rule #8 (above) shall apply in the case of repeated offenses.


     10. The rules of good sportsmanship, fair play, and consideration for fellow JPL employees and their families shall prevail above all else, and shall serve as the operative rules where otherwise not defined.


     11. There will be field markers (cones) in the outfield at a distance of 150 feet from home plate. When a team has 9 or 10 players on the field, at least 3 of them must stay behind these markers until the ball is hit by a batter. When a team is fielding 8 players, 2 fielders must be behind the markers until the ball is hit. The infielders may not position themselves closer than the baselines (an imaginary line drawn between the bases).


     12. Teams leading by more than nine (9) runs will be required to surrender one (1) out per inning while at bat until their lead is reduced to nine (9) runs or less. Teams leading by more than fourteen (14) runs will be required to surrender two (2) outs per inning while at bat until their lead is reduced to fourteen (14) runs or less.


    13. A courtesy runner may be allowed for the batter at home plate subject to the following:

a)  The courtesy runner is positioned in a safe position

b)  The courtesy runner is positioned such that the runner does not gain an advantage over leaving       

from the batterŐs box after the ball is hit.

c) The courtesy runner shall be the last recorded out made by the player of the same gender as the    batter. If the player specified above is not available, then the pinch runner shall be the same gender as the batter.