JPL C League Softball 2008

If you want to join or manage a team in JPL C League Softball, please contact Charlie Kaczinski (4-3974) or Richard Chen (4-1259) or Scott Morgan (4-4972).

All players must sign a release (html, word) before playing. should have all players who have signed.


WeekOf Field Mon Tue Wed Th bye Teams

1 Bruisers

2 Crawdads

3 Double Mercy!!

4 Eclectic Eccentrics

5 Goat Scouts

6 Gravity Frawgs

7 Homers

8 L.A. Radars

9 Paper Tigers

10 Procrastinators

11 Titans

12 Voodoo TOAD Fury

13 Wild Turkeys

Apr-28 HN4-38-127-13-10
May-05 HN5-94-106-8-7
May-12 HN13-49-811-6-2
May-19 HN8-19-1310-12-11
May-26 HN-8-111-2-3 6 9
10 12
Jun-02 HN5-112-14-12-8
Jun-09 HN10-512-39-6-1
Jun-16 HN11-27-610-3-13
Jun-23 HN1-52-412-7-3
Jul-07 HN8-103-24-1-9
Jul-14 HN3-713-102-8-5
Jul-21 HN2-10-1-114-86
Jul-28 HN7-46-5--2 3 8
9 12
Aug-04 HN13-19-126-11-4
Aug-11 HN9-510-413-7-11
Aug-18 HN11-103-9x-x-1,6,7
Aug-25 HN9-2x-x7-12-4,5,10
TeamsEquipment MonitorLocationPhone
1,5,8,12Charlie Kaczinski103-103C4-3974
2,6,11Tony Greicius186-1184-0478
4,9,10Stuart Imai190-2044-2070
3,7,13Tim Kaufman301-485A4-3326

Reporting Games: The only requirement is to report forfeits. Forfeits consist of less than 8 players or no women. The additional information is to help a team's credibility by showing it has consistently extra players for most games, even though a game is forfeited. Please submit a report after each game.

If one of your games should be rained out, a makeup game will be added. Call Charlie Kaczinski to report rainouts. Try not to cancel games first thing in the morning if the weather looks iffy. It will frequently clear by game time.

Both managers should bring copies of the 2008 field permit (April to June (MSWord) and July to August (pdf)) and and the C League rules to every game.


Managers, if you take someone from this list, let the registrar know.


Rules specific to JPL C League, and the list of illegal bats.

All games are played at Hahamongna Park near JPL (see maps).

A sample score sheet in excel, courtesy of the Gravity Fielders.


To get on this list before registration fees are due, contact the web page person with all relevant information.
NAME Manager Phone Mail Stop Asst Manager Phone Mail Stop
Bruisers Karen M. Chan 4-2987 230-205 Nancy Vandermey 3-5832 230-205
Crawdads Bob Deen 4-7492 168-514 Mike Gangl 4-2129 168-514
Double Mercy!! Jamie Piacentine 4-5895 125-14R David Tseng 4-1066 122-120
Eclectic Eccentrics Cris Windoffer 4-7357 602-149 Bob Koukol 4-8528 125-224
Goat Scouts Tom Hoffman 4-6521 264-850 Dave Herman 3-5872 179-206
Gravity Frawgs Gerald Walsh 4-3913 238-737 Tony Greicius 4-0478 186-120
Homers Jeff Osman 4-6752 126-200 Richard Chen 4-1259 300-320
L.A. Radars Jeff Plaut 3-3799 183-501 Michael Mischna 3-4775 183-401
Paper Tigers Stuart Imai 4-2070 190-204 Robert Bertsch 3-6627 601-168
Procrastinators Mark Wallace 4-4236 301-121 Damon Landau 4-2205 301-121
Titans Lu Nguyen 626-305-6314 1400-300 Kary Miller 626-305-6208 1400-100
Voodoo TOAD Fury Charlie Kaczinski 4-3974 103-106 Jim McGown 4-6392 171-364
Wild Turkeys Sam Dolinar 4-7403 238-420 Bill Blume 4-7396 301-490


The softball fields are on the lower level of Hahamonga Park. Field HN has the backstop and the dirt infield. HS is diagonally across from HN. (courtesy of Jeff Osman)

Bases are 60 feet apart with cones at 150 feet from home plate. The pitching rubber is 46 feet from home.

In case of unresolvable field conflicts, call the park ranger at (626)744-4241. Be sure to have the permit.


job who phone fax mail stop
Commissioner Charlie Kaczinski 4-39743-6994103-101
Fields¹ Charlie Kaczinski 4-39743-6994103-101
Registrar Charlie Kaczinski 4-39743-6994103-101
Web Page Richard Chen 4-12593-2718300-320

¹Contacts for the Fields Representative

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